Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Would You Buy a New Car?

The reality is that more white cars get tickets than red cars, but even with that said there are five times as many white cars on the road as red cars. Therefore by percentage it is true that red cars do get more tickets. Thus, one could ask why purchase such a car? If you are thinking about buying a really cool sports car, I'd like to discuss this with you if I might.

There was an interesting article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek on August 27, 2012 titled; "Ferrari: The Car That Screams Investigate Me" by Tommaso Ebhardt, which explained that "the Prime Minister of Italy hopes to raise $168 million Euro by instituting a luxury car tax on cars." Unfortunately, it isn't working as many Ferrari owners are selling their cars to people in other nation, and no one wants to buy new ones which hurts sales, jobs, and sales tax revenues.

It turns out that the police and tax evader investigators routinely stop Ferrari owners to run their records to see if they'd paid their taxes, some haven't for decades, the rest feel completely harassed with this latest attack on wealth and class warfare in Italy. Of course, if you haven't paid your taxes, the government now confiscates your car until you do, or keeps it when you don't.

Now then, with all the class warfare here the United States, you could easily see the same thing happening here at home. I can tell you that due to some of the socialistic political push in our own nation we are watching a change in attitude of the population. We seem to be attacking those who have achieved, and display signs of success. We've completely destroyed our corporate jet sector, as we made it seem somewhat evil to have made lots of money and be able to afford such toys to get around.

Will we do the same thing with luxury automobiles in the future, and if so, where will it stop? If you buy the latest BMW sports car, high-end Mercedes, or something of that nature, perhaps even an exotic car, how do you know in the future you won't be targeted by bureaucrats, police, and suspected as a tax cheat by your fellow citizens? It could happen here at home to, especially if the current administration runs things for another four years in a second term because that's the way it's leaning so far.

If you are going to buy a flashy sports car or high-end vehicle that wealthy people generally own, you might wish to rethink this strategy and go stealth. Buy some beat up old piece of crap, and then you can blend in with all of the other socialists as they drive our nation off a cliff? Who knows, maybe that's a better strategy? Please consider all this and think on it.

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