Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 Olympic Takeaways When Buying Personalised Number Plates

Team GB did so well in the medal stakes as did the Irish. But hats off must go to all the volunteers, the staff and the people behind the scenes that made it all happen. Every day, we saw great things being written and said about the running of the Olympics. How smooth it all went and how the atmosphere was electrifying. Well done London; it was a fantastic show. All the hard work was worth it.

And speaking of hard work, while hats off goes to the people behind the scenes, admiration and fascination follow all the athletes who competed at this high level. Some have been training for four years; other much longer. I got to thinking about the Olympics and how many parallels exist between the sporting world and the hobby world. Buying a personalised number plate is more than a hobby for some but for many, it is a hobby. This article will talk about the hobby buyer rather than the investment buyer, so if you're a hobby buyer, read on.

Here are my three takeaways from watching the Olympics that can easily be applied to buying a personalised number plate.

1. Reap what you sow

Many hobby buyers search the listings for the perfect number plate. Often times, the one that they want is either too expensive or is taken by someone else. This personalised number plate buyer then spends time looking at the alternatives that exist out there.

If you are prepared to put in the effort, you can find the perfect plate for you. You can substitute numbers for letters, i.e., 5 makes a great substitute for S, I for 1 and lots more. You can get a personalised number plate from Northern Ireland which is much cheaper and flexible.

Just as every athlete that went to the Olympics, they put in the hard work to get what they wanted. You too can apply that same level of tenacity and get the right plate at the right price.

2. No personalised plate buyer is an island

You can do as much or as little searching for your own personalised number plate as you want but nothing beats using a reputable personalised number plate agency. A company that specialises in personalised plates will help you find what you're looking for, have the correct paperwork to hand you and basically, provide support when you need it.

They have their own database and they make transfer of ownership easy.

Every athlete that went to the Olympics went with a team. They didn't go by themselves; they used the right people behind them to support them and you can do the same when buying a plate.

3. Truly own your number plate

When you find the perfect plate, it's only right that you show it off. It is important to truly own it. Even if it's just you and your partner having a glass of something or a cup of tea when it's driven home, you need to truly own it. And by that, I mean, don't hide it away. Show it off.

Just look at the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Each athlete came back into the arena smiling and happy with their achievements. Finding the right plate at the right price can be tricky and if you've accomplished it, then celebrate it.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Tips When Choosing a Personalised Number Plate Seller Online

If you put the following words 'personalisednumberplateseller' into Google, you're likely to get more than 27.8 million results. If you put the UK after it so it reads 'personalisednumberplatesellerUK', you'll get 15.7 million results.

Not all of these are applicable as Google can display many sites with the individual words 'personalised', 'number' and 'plates'. While this article isn't about making better use of the Internet, it does show that there are a lot of sellers out there that sell personalised number plates.

The buyer of a personalised plate will buy for a personal reason - a birthday, an anniversary, a treat for themselves or a reward. There are lots of reasons but the main reason is personal. With that in mind, it's important that the buyer uses a reputable seller. As it exists offline as online, there are always people out there looking for a quick buck at someone else's expense.

This article gives three top tips of what to look out for choosing a personalised number plate supplier.

1. Accreditation

Legitimate plate sellers have accreditation to a number of industry bodies. Check that your supplier are members of the following:

    MIRAD - Member Of The Institute Of Registration Agents & Dealers.
    The C.N.D.A - Cherished Number Dealers Association.
    R.M.I.F - Retail Motor Industry Federation
    The R.N.C - The Registration numbers Club

2. Trading History

It's always difficult for a new company to prove how trustworthy it is. But it is more likely that a reputable company selling on the Internet has been trading for a number of years. The chances are that they have both an offline and an online presence and have more ways of contacting them than just an email or phone number.

Trading history or the longevity of a company will show a good track record and it's a great way of underlining their credentials.

3. Transparency with paperwork

A genuine or reputable personalised number plate seller will be transparent in the process that they use. As a buyer, you must ensure that the plate certification is genuine before parting with cash.

A plate certificate has a watermark on it and reputable sellers will be prepared to scan a copy of the certificate for you for checks to take place prior to purchase. Some sellers still use a fax machine and can fax a copy if you too have a fax machine. The important thing to note is that they will be prepared to give you a prior check before you part with your hard earned cash.

In summary, don't settle for the first company that you see on the listing of 15.7 million results. Do your research on each company. It will benefit you in the end.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Basic Requirements Of A Wheelchair Vehicle Conversion

When a loved one is involved in an accident or develops an illness that leaves them wheelchair bound for the rest of their lives or indefinitely, it is important that you are able to transport them around to doctor's appointments, shopping and the like. This often calls for a vehicle conversion or two that makes a standard van or car suitable for transporting a wheelchair bound passenger - but what are the basic requirements of getting these conversions done?

    A vehicle: The first requirement for a vehicle conversion is that you have a van or car on hand that you wish to convert. Whilst you can try using your current van, this may leave you without transportation for a few weeks whilst the additions are made. For this reason it is recommended that you purchase a new or second hand vehicle for the conversions and then sell your current one when it's ready.

    A converter: The second requirement is to locate a company that will be able to do the conversion for you. You need to make sure that they will have the vehicle ready for you in the timeframe that you need it (keep in mind that they may have other clients ahead of you on their list) and that they have experience working on the sorts of additions that you are hoping to make, such as a wheelchair lift or ramp.

    A plan: The third requirement is to have a plan in place of what vehicle conversions need to be done. Sitting down with the company who will be undertaking the work is your best chance of ensuring that everything is accounted for and will be suited to the needs of the disabled person in your family. The plan can also include if other conversions will be made at a later date.

    A supplier: The fourth and final requirement is to locate a supplier who can provide you with all the equipment you need for the vehicle conversion to be completed. Whilst the company doing the make may be able to do this for you, you might be able to save some money by looking for your own supplier. Make sure that the equipment you need is in stock and can be delivered when you need it.

Once you have taken care of each of the above requirements, you will be fully prepared for your vehicle conversion to commence. Keep in mind that it will often take a number of weeks to be completed, but that once all of the work is finished you will be left with a vehicle that is perfect for transporting your loved one around with ease.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Automotive Matters Gearing Towards the Right Vehicle

So you have saved enough money to buy yourself a car but now you need to tread carefully since you do not want to use your hard earned money on something that is not worth it. Time is money therefore it is important that you get something that will stand the test of time thus the following factors when considered will help you in your quest for the right car.

Ensure that you get a car that meets your requirements in terms of space and size for luggage and passengers. You have two options when buying yourself a vehicle that is you can purchase a brand new vehicle or get yourself a used one. The cars that are manufactured today are built to last so a used vehicle might not be that bad. It all depends on what is in your pocket. You should not buy a car then end up in debt.

Is it leasing or buying that works for you. Money is what matters here. With leasing you will be able to pay in installments without feeling the financial pressure. Leasing is recommended for those who cannot make a down payment or those who like changing their vehicles after a certain period.

Use the internet to do some good research. Try and see what type of vehicle you can get with the money that you have or calculate how much more you will need to add in order to purchase your dream vehicle.

There are some people who get a loan in order to buy a vehicle. Now before you sign any form get to check your credit worthiness because no one will be willing to give you a loan if they cannot be certain that you will be able to pay back. It is also wise if you check and compare the interest rates of different financial institutions before asking them for a loan. When you find the best interest rate go for it. Ensure you get the money before getting the vehicle.

Before settling down on one seller, try negotiating a sale with several sellers. Get to see who is offering you the best deal. For those who hate bargaining, you can seek the services of an auto buying firm. Simply supply them with all the details of the car that you want and the price that you want it for and they will not disappoint.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Would You Buy a New Car?

The reality is that more white cars get tickets than red cars, but even with that said there are five times as many white cars on the road as red cars. Therefore by percentage it is true that red cars do get more tickets. Thus, one could ask why purchase such a car? If you are thinking about buying a really cool sports car, I'd like to discuss this with you if I might.

There was an interesting article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek on August 27, 2012 titled; "Ferrari: The Car That Screams Investigate Me" by Tommaso Ebhardt, which explained that "the Prime Minister of Italy hopes to raise $168 million Euro by instituting a luxury car tax on cars." Unfortunately, it isn't working as many Ferrari owners are selling their cars to people in other nation, and no one wants to buy new ones which hurts sales, jobs, and sales tax revenues.

It turns out that the police and tax evader investigators routinely stop Ferrari owners to run their records to see if they'd paid their taxes, some haven't for decades, the rest feel completely harassed with this latest attack on wealth and class warfare in Italy. Of course, if you haven't paid your taxes, the government now confiscates your car until you do, or keeps it when you don't.

Now then, with all the class warfare here the United States, you could easily see the same thing happening here at home. I can tell you that due to some of the socialistic political push in our own nation we are watching a change in attitude of the population. We seem to be attacking those who have achieved, and display signs of success. We've completely destroyed our corporate jet sector, as we made it seem somewhat evil to have made lots of money and be able to afford such toys to get around.

Will we do the same thing with luxury automobiles in the future, and if so, where will it stop? If you buy the latest BMW sports car, high-end Mercedes, or something of that nature, perhaps even an exotic car, how do you know in the future you won't be targeted by bureaucrats, police, and suspected as a tax cheat by your fellow citizens? It could happen here at home to, especially if the current administration runs things for another four years in a second term because that's the way it's leaning so far.

If you are going to buy a flashy sports car or high-end vehicle that wealthy people generally own, you might wish to rethink this strategy and go stealth. Buy some beat up old piece of crap, and then you can blend in with all of the other socialists as they drive our nation off a cliff? Who knows, maybe that's a better strategy? Please consider all this and think on it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tips For Maximizing Gas Mileage

With increased fuel costs, pressure growing to do our bit for the environment, and a desire to reduce the costs of motoring on our finances, it has become imperative that we maximize the fuel economy of our cars. There are some radical as well as common sense options to consider before you take your car out the drive, while driving, and improving fuel efficiency in the future.

Before you leave the house, think about your car for a few moments. If you have an old car, then you might consider buying a new one. Newer cars tend to have better fuel efficiency than older ones. Car manufacturers work hard to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Whether you have a new car or an old one, it is best to ensure that they are kept well maintained. This includes making sure you have your tires inflated to the recommended pressure for the type of driving you are undertaking. Have your wheel alignment checked when you have new tires fitted, and try to ensure that any new tires have a low rolling resistance, as this can increase your fuel efficiency by a percentage point or two. Servicing and daily checks of your oil, coolant, air conditioning unit, spark plugs, and filters can all help keep your engine purring sweetly will reduce emissions. The heavier your vehicle, the more fuel required to pull it. Therefore, do not have items in your car that you do not need. An increase of 25 kilograms will see your fuel economy reduce by a couple of percent as well. You car is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, so it makes sense to remove roof racks and tow bar bicycle racks when they are not in use.

After you have removed your roof rack and serviced your car, you are now ready to go out on the open road. Fuel efficiency tips apply here, too. Drive steadily, and anticipate what is happening ahead on the road so that you do not have to brake harshly. There is no need to tear off from traffic lights to beat the car in the adjacent lane. Excessive braking and acceleration is bad for fuel economy. Driving smoothly can significantly decrease your fuel use. Do not idle your engine for long periods either. You can look for cars that automatically stop and start the engine when it is stationary. Drive on major roads that limit the number of times you need to stop and start to maximize your fuel efficiency. You will get more miles on a motorway journey per gallon than on city roads. Maintaining a steady speed up to 50 miles per hour is the most economic. After 65 to 70 miles per hour, your fuel use increases by more than ten percent.

More changes that are fundamental can reduce your fuel dependency. Drive less, as many journeys are less than two miles in length. Just popping to the shops or taking children to school could be better for everyone if you walked instead of taking the car. Of course, there are many reasons why this is not always practical, so consider buying a smaller, more efficient car. How would you feel about purchasing a hybrid or electric car? There are many on the market that provides great functionality without the increase in fuel burden. If you have more than one car in the household, could you reduce their number or make sure you use the most appropriate sized vehicle for the journey.

Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Reasons You Should Lease Your Next Car

With the current economic climate being what it is, most people are putting a lot more thought into how they spend their money. And for many, this additional thought has lead to them forgoing the luxury of a new car purchase. After all, something that depreciates by up to thirty percent the second you drive it off the forecourt isn't exactly a frugal purchase.

One alternative that many people are turning to is car leasing. Despite the fact that a car lease will never actually be something that you own, car leases do actually come with a number of attractive benefits. I will now outline just what those benefits are.

Skip the Mechanical Problems That Come With Age

Cars tend to be at their most reliable during their first few years on the road. When you choose to lease a car rather than buy one, these are the only years that you need to deal with. With most car leases lasting around three years, you never have to deal with an aging car and the mechanical problems that tend to come with it. You're local mechanic won't like it but you probably will.

Forget About Depreciation

As well as mechanical problems, you also get to skip depreciation problems. As you are likely aware, a new car depreciates at a pretty astonishing rate. Many estimates suggest that new cars lose up to seventy percent of their value during their first five years on the road. When you lease a car, this becomes the dealers problem, not yours.

More Car for your Money

Unless you have quite the healthy bank balance, you are likely to find your options at the forecourt somewhat limited by what you can afford. One major advantage of car leases is that your money can take you a lot further. While you mightn't be able to afford to purchase the car of your dreams, that certainly does not mean that you cannot afford to lease it. The best cars cost a hell of a lot less to lease than they do to purchase.

Significantly Lower Monthly Payments

If you are considering purchasing a car on credit, you might be interested to learn that the monthly payments on a lease tend to be significantly lower than those associated with a car loan. In general, all other factors being equal, you can expect your monthly payments on a car lease to be half that of what you would be paying had you purchased the car.