Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chrysler to Repair Thousands of Pentastar V6 Engines

Unfortunately, an error that was committed during the production of these Pentastar V-6 engines is expected to create delays on Chrysler's operations. This is because the error committed requires immediate correction and this requires the company's personnel to repair thousands of Pentastar V-6 engines.

Based on the information provided by Chrysler, the existing problem was basically caused by an issue involving the engine's cylinder head and this is expected to affect about 7,500 units of Pentastar V-6 engines that were produced for the last two years.

Since the error on the cylinder head might cause the engine to stall or experience different types of problems, Chrysler was forced to perform the needed repairs on the engines affected by replacing the old cylinder head with a new and more robust version. Chrysler has also stressed out that they are only repairing the affected engines and the company did not and is not planning to issue a recall order.

Although Chrysler does not consider the engine problem as a major issue, this situation has actually caused a lot of inconveniences and headaches to owners of Pentastar V-6-powered vehicles. This is because the supply of the new cylinder heads is quite limited and this prevents the dealerships to complete the needed repairs on the affected engine on time. Due to this, a lot of vehicle owners were forced to leave their cars on the dealerships and wait for the repairs to be completed. The situation literary mentioned earlier has literally left a lot of vehicle owners "car-less" for a few weeks.

To address the growing need for the new cylinder head, Chrysler has boosted its production of the said component. The increase in production has changed the supply of the cylinder head from 1300 units short to about 3,000 units of surplus. However, the company's dealerships have been placing about 500 requests each week and this could mean that the surplus supply would soon be consumed. Thus, Chrysler should at least try its best to increase the supply of the cylinder head and somehow provide an additional compensation to the owners of the vehicles that were affected.

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