Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Car Dealerships For People With Bad Credit

Buy here pay here car dealerships are currently making waves as one of the best options when in need of a car even when you are currently having troubles with your credit rating. These dealers look at things differently, allowing those who have poor credit history to improve their financial situation while also acquiring a solution for their transportation needs.

However, there are those who would oppose people buying from these car lots, telling you that applying for this kind of financing scheme won't do you any good. You might find hints of truth from this advice, but they can also offer you certain advantages that are worth thinking over.


Due to a lack of regulations and policies for used car dealerships such as a buy here pay here dealership, there are quite a number of them, which can turn out to be scams. These bad credit dealerships are considered as loans-for-profit while other car loans from lenders are regulated from policies for protection against fraud, providing less profit to lenders.

The rates of interest for the bad credit car loan will mainly depend on them and not on any policy that regulates the maximum amount lenders can set for the financing schemes. This might make you spend more for your weekly or bi-weekly payments compared to the total monthly payment for a regular loan from a lender following loan interest regulations.


These car lots can be your saving grace from acquiring a car needed for daily transportation even when suffering from financial troubles. Having a bad credit rating will dim your chances of successfully applying for a car loan so a these types of car lots can be the best, or the only, solution you can consider.

There are actually some states that have put a cap on the maximum allowable interest rate for used auto sales. You should check whether these poor credit used car sellers in your area follow lemon laws and warranty rights to protect yourself from odometer fraud as well as making sure that your chosen car can provide you with the benefits you need from it.

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