Thursday, May 17, 2012

Need Different Tyres for Different Seasons

The answer to the title can be viewed by some people differently, however, to be on the safe side, the answer should be yes. When you sit down and think about the logic of cars, you will see how important they are. The tyres are the only parts that are in contact with the road you drive on. So with that in mind taking care and looking after them should be as important as looking after your children. Everyone who has been driving knows that once the weather changes, the car that you are driving feels different.

The way you take a corner or a slight bend seems to be harder, and the reason for this feeling is your traction. Since most cars give you normal ones that are meant for dry conditions, the minute that this condition changes so will your car. This makes driving more dangerous and this will be a serious problem, if left unchecked. Some people whether there are all weather types on the market that are made for these conditions. The biggest problem with these types is that they are only made for wet or dry conditions.

If you live in a place that has four seasons, once winter comes these types become useless in ice and snow conditions. Many people think that just by driving slowly, they will be able to get away with not changing their tyres. Trying to stop a car when the roads have ice or snow on them is like trying to stop a runaway train, without the proper type, you have no control and no way to stop your car in time. This is due to the fact that no traction is being produced when your car is trying to brake.

Winter tyres are made with this problem in mind and they have small spikes on their treads to produce the traction you need. There have been tests done to prove that with the proper amount of control, drivers are able to avoid accidents even on icy conditions. Since your car is the second biggest investment you will make, there really is no reason to save money by risking your safety when the seasons change. In fact, spending a little money to give you better traction might save you more money in repairs from an accident.

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